Friday, 10 July 2015

x factor 2015 london judges auditions cancelled tuesday july 14th schedule

update - the x factor 2015 london judges auditions have been cancelled for tuesday july 14th, but the schedule is back to normal after tuesday so do not worry too much, the auditions rounds then continue as normal.

so for next week tuesdays x factor 2015 auditions in london will not be happening, but the auditions on the other days for wednesday, thursday and friday in london will still be taking place as normal.

you need to follow what it says in the email if you have received a email response from the x factor and make a request for a different date or time to get priority tickets for the other dates.

it has messed up a lot of the peoples plans who were going to audition on the tuesday the 14th july at the london x factor audition or have tickets to watch in the crowd, because they might of only been able to attend on the 14th like with time off work for that particular day, or travel arrangements for that particular day, so some people are not going to be able to try out or audition for x factor 2015 now as a result even though they have made this far to the judges auditions rounds, so this has been really bad news for a lot of x factor hopefuls, with a lot voicing concerns on twitter that they will miss there chance to do the judges auditions rounds now.

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