Sunday, 22 March 2015

the x factor uk 2015 mobile auditions tour rounds dates and cities

don't forget there is the x factor uk mobile auditions tour, there at 3 main ways of applying for x factor 2015 this year, one is online, one is to attend one of the big open auditions locations/venues, and the other is to attend a mobile audition, and this year it is x factor's biggest ever auditions, with more dates and venues then ever before, so lots of ways and chances this year to try out for the show.

the mobile auditions idea came about because the x factor found not everyone who wanted to apply could make it to one of the major cities where the open auditions rounds take place, and so for people in more local and also out of the way areas of the uk, there is the option to go to one of the mobile auditions instead, which cover most of the country.

it is important to note that acts are advised to turn up early to a mobile audition round, because they work on a first come first served basis, unlike open call auditions where everyone gets to auditions, so if the mobile audition tour is in your area, make sure to check and find out how early you need to be there to be near the front of the que, because time is tight and so you do not miss your chance to audition, when the bus moves on to the next location.

so far not all the dates are in for all the locations where x factor mobile auditions are going to be taking place, but 22 of the dates have been announced, here is a list of the cities and dates so far announced for the x factor mobile auditions rounds.

Aberdeen: 30th – 31st March

Skegness: 30th – 31st March

Bradford: 30th March

Huddersfield: 31st March

Dundee: 1st April

Stirling: 2nd April

Sheffield: 1st – 2nd April

Peterborough: 1st April

Northampton: 2nd April

Cambridge: 3rd – 4th April

Middlesborough: 3rd – 4th April

Nottingham: 3rd – 4th April

Scarborough: 5th – 6th April

Norwich: 5th – 6th April

Leicester: 5th – 6th April

York: - 7-8th April

Hull: 9-10th April

Ipswich: 7th – 8th April

Coventry: 7th – 8th April

Oxford: 9th – 10th April

Chelmsford: 9th – 10th April

South End on Sea: 11th April

above are the cities/locations that the dates have been announced for, below is a list of further cities/locations that the x factor uk mobile auditions tour will be visiting, but, just so far no dates announced for these locations as of yet.






Isle of Man


Isle of Wight












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  1. x factor fan and auditionee30 May 2015 at 11:20

    thank you for posting all the x factor audition details and dates, cheers!!!