Monday, 9 March 2015

the application forms are still open online to register for uk

Do not forget that the x factor uk 2015 application forms are still open online to register at the itv website, so you can still apply for the x factor this year, but, as i said in the previous post, there is no start dates or times for when the auditions will be starting this year.

But it cannot be long now until the dates and locations for this years x factor 2015 is posted online, as of today there is still nothing showing up in online searched about when the open auditions will be starting this year or where they will be taking place.

one thing that is for sure though is that a few locations always stay the same each year, so you know for a fact that some of the auditions this year will take place in london, and you know manchester as well is a perpetual auditions location each year, but other then those 2 uk cities the rest can be rotated and subject to change each year, so will need to wait and see over the next month or few weeks were the auditions will be taking place this year, should not be that far away now.

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  1. hi anyone applying for next years the 2016 x factor auditions???