Saturday, 25 October 2014

the australian x factor will it return for a new season next year?.

will the x factor australia return back in 2015 some people are wondering, well i think it is probably a sure thing that the x factor australia will be back next year, even though they are not in a 2 year contract like the x factor uk is, i do not see this stopping the return of the australian x factor anytime soon.

there has been no official word from the tv network that airs the x factor australia, but that does not look like it is anything to worry about either.

according to internet rumors what you might see as a big change when it comes to the x factor australia 2015 is a change in the judges, it is rumored that none of the current 4 judges will return for next years season, so along with that i would expect to see a lot of changes to a 2015 series of the x factor australia.

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