Friday, 24 October 2014

simon cowell talks about end of the x factor usa and hopes of a future return

simon cowell has been talking about the x factor usa, and regrets finishing the x factor usa, he says it was a mistake on both sides to throw the towel in early, and finish the x factor usa.

but that might not be the end completely, because simon cowell has also admitted that he hopes to revive the x factor in america at some point in the future, and they might not be as daft as it sounds to some.

because it would not be the first time cancelled shows have made a comeback, not that it will probably be anytime soon though, so no need to be preparing for x factor usa auditions if you live in the usa just yet, but you never no for the future.

because simon cowell has admitted that he would like to revive the x factor in the usa at some point in the future then it is a now a possibility, i would not expect to see it happen via fox tv though, but there are plenty of television networks in the usa, that would probably be keen to have a show like x factor on there schedule.

and that is the way i think that x factor usa could make a comeback in the future, not via fox or the old channels it was on, but via one of the other tv networks in the usa, who would be lacking a idea for a popular saturday and sunday night talent show, that is where it would have the chance to be revived if anywhere.

if that does happen in the future it would probably be a more basic show, with less money put into the production, but for all intents and purposes would be a x factor usa competition.

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